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#397 How Can She Be An Abundant Language Teacher?


This caller wants a job she loves, that will easily pay all her bills and leave her with enough money to do the things she enjoys doing. She’s an English and German teacher, but her rates aren’t giving her the abundance she wants. She sets her own rates but has resistance around increasing them because the clients she attracts can’t afford to pay more. Coupled with attracting clients who can’t afford to pay more, she also doesn’t feel she’s good enough to charge more.

Why is she attracting clients who can’t afford to pay more for her teaching? Does she have a limiting belief about wealthy people which is keeping them from manifesting into her reality? What are her beliefs about money that are keeping her from charging more? And, what will happen if she releases her resistance about money?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you want to increase your vibration around your job and money.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller wants more connection to people and to find her life purpose.
  • She wants a job that she loves that will also pay the bills and leave her with enough to enjoy herself.
  • Why do we need to separate our desires instead of putting them altogether?
  • How can she let in more money?
  • Why is undercharging for your services a bad thing?
  • What are we paying for when we employ an expert?
  • What limiting belief is behind her not wanting to teach wealthy people?
  • Why do wealthy people value time more than money?
  • Do higher paying clients value your services more?
  • Can she increase her abundance as a language teacher?
  • How can she attract the clients she likes working with?
  • How can she release her resistance about charging more for her teaching?
  • How can she change her belief about money?
  • Do we activate the how before the what to create the reality we want?