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#399 How Can She Upgrade Her Income?


This caller is a transformational teacher, and she wants to align her energy to upgrade her income so that she can build a spiritual retreat center, which will also be her home. She’s taking a big bank loan to pay for it, but she wants her income to improve so that she can repay it as fast as possible.  She recently lost some long-term clients which isn’t helping with her desire to build this retreat. She’s had ideas come in, only, they’re not really resonating with her. One of her ideas felt delicious at first, but when it came to taking action she came up against resistance, one of which was being more visible to more people about her message, something she’s uncomfortable about.

What resistance is she coming up against with upgrading her income? Is there a connection with her resistance that’s manifesting in her losing clients? Why hasn’t taking action worked for her? What resistance is stopping her from being more comfortable with being more visible?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you have a big desire, but you’re hitting resistance getting it off the ground.

Topics covered in this call:

  • This caller wants to upgrade her income because she’s building a spiritual retreat center.
  • She’s getting ideas but they aren’t resonating.
  • She is also struggling with being visible to other people about her message.
  • What will an upgrade in income bring her?
  • Why has she manifested losing some long-term clients?
  • How can we stop ourselves getting married to one representation of our desire?
  • Do we have to manifest something before we can feel it?
  • How can we see time as bigger?
  • How can she feel like she’s home without having a home?
  • Is it beneficial to share her own story?
  • Can she share her story without hurting her parents?
  • How can she release her resistance with teaching the basics of LOA?
  • How can she own her true desires?
  • Is everything possible?
  • How do we level up our desires?