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  • #401 Working With The Energy Of Nature/Our Abundance Vibe

#401 Working With The Energy Of Nature/Our Abundance Vibe


This caller wants to work on her abundance vibe, and going completely off topic, she also wants to know what the energy is around trees and plants and what she can do to ensure keeping things in balance for nature. Can we help nature with the rebalancing? How does the plant world play with us? What can nature do to help us with our energy work?

In relation to her money vibe, that is, according to her, almost non existent. She has never had money, in the past or in the present, and because she can’t get into the feeling of having money, she can’t see how she will get any in the future. She has a rock-solid belief that she can’t get any money with a job that she will loathe and hate. And, if she works for herself, she believes it will be doomed to fail. Is the story she’s telling herself about money serving her? How did she pick up this belief? And, what can she do to align her energy with having more abundance?

Listen to find out more.

If you have an interest in nature/and, or you want to learn more about how to increase the flow of money coming to you, this call is for you.

  • This caller has two things she wants to discuss. #1, abundance and #2, the energy around trees and plants.
  • Can trees manifest for themselves?
  • Can nature re-balance itself?
  • Will pruning plants make them healthier?
  • How do animals and plants play with us?
  • Can plants show us where our energy is at?
  • Is the story she’s telling herself about money serving her?
  • Is receiving money a reward for hard work?
  • Do our subconscious beliefs get in the way of us manifesting what we want?
  • How do our beliefs become limiting?
  • How do we align our energy with our desires?
  • Are physical conditions connected to our energy?
  • How does reality creation work?
  • Is the belief of ‘no pain, no gain’ beneficial to us?
  • Can our bodies heal if we come into balance with who we really are?
  • How can she learn to enjoy her job more as a teacher?
  • Can we create in someone else’s reality?
  • What is pre-paving?
  • How can we step into the manifestations that we want?