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  • #413 Why Isn’t Her Relationship With A Great Guy Working For Her?

#413 Why Isn’t Her Relationship With A Great Guy Working For Her?


This caller is feeling trapped and suffocated, especially in her romantic relationship. Her boyfriend is a great guy, he’s one of the good ones, but something just isn’t right. She doesn’t want to hurt him at all, but she’s just not sure he’s the right guy for her. She’s not even sure if she wants to be in a monogamous relationship or would prefer to have a polyamorous relationship with him.  Coupled with feeling trapped in her relationship, her money situation is also keeping her stuck where she doesn’t want to be. She craves freedom, but right now she only feels the opposite of free.

Should we leave a great guy if the relationship doesn’t feel right? What’s making her feel trapped and suffocated if he’s a good guy? What’s missing in the relationship? And, does she really want a polyamorous relationship or just someone else?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re in a relationship, but something just isn’t right for you.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller Is feeling trapped and suffocated in her life and romantic relationship.
  • She’s with a great guy but she’s not sure he is right for her.
  • She also feels she’s stuck where she is because of a lack of money.
  • What’s missing for her in this relationship?
  • How important is sex in a relationship?
  • How can we acknowledge our feelings in a relationship?
  • How can we have a sex life that is best for us?
  • Is it wrong to be in a polyamorous relationship?
  • Who is responsible for us having a better sex life in a relationship?
  • Will sacrificing in a relationship make the relationship work?
  • Can porn help improve your sex life?
  • Should we act out all of our sexual fantasies?
  • What is her sadness telling her?
  • Can we break up with a partner who is a good guy?
  • Does she really want to be in a polyamorous relationship?
  • What is it she really wants?
  • How can she get into the feeling of freedom and getting what she wants?