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#414 How Can She Stop Being Betrayed?


This caller is manifesting betrayal on a big scale, and not just once, but multiple times. The most recent manifestation happened when a trusted assistant, who is living with her husband’s brother, wrote several checks to herself to the tune of ten’s of thousands of dollars from this caller’s business. Not only that, the assistant sold the company’s secrets to competitors. This huge betrayal feels almost unbelievable because she took the girl under your wing, and wanted nothing more than to uplift  her while in the business.

Why has she manifested this betrayal? Did she cause this manifestation with her vibration? Were there any red flags she missed because she wanted to uplift the assistant? What emotional pain is behind her manifesting betrayal more than once?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’ve manifested someone into your reality who has broken your trust.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller is in a cycle of betrayal where she feels she’s getting thrown under a bus.
  • This has happened a several times before and it always results in the business being destroyed.
  • A trusted assistant stole ten’s of thousands of dollars, and tried to sell company secrets to competitors.
  • How can she acknowledge this betrayal in a healthy way?
  • When do we get clarity on a negative manifestation?
  • How can we find a LOA way of using blame when we have a negative manifestation?
  • How can she release her anger constructively about the betrayal of her assistant?
  • What emotions show themselves once she’s released the anger?
  • How can she face her sadness from childhood and release it?
  • What happens when we disregard how someone is showing up?
  • Should our relationships require a lot of work for them to be equal?
  • Who is the person we need to trust more?
  • Can we save people without their buy-in?
  • How can we help people unconditionally?
  • How do we set successful boundaries?
  • How can we recognize the difference between blame and responsibility?
  • Should we release our anger unconstructively?
  • How can she lineup her energy with her business being better than ever?