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  • #415 How Can She Manifest A Self-Sustaining Reality Without The Funds To Do It?

#415 How Can She Manifest A Self-Sustaining Reality Without The Funds To Do It?


This caller’s money issues are causing her a lot of anxiety, where she’s preparing herself for total devastation and all her plans and dreams being ruined. She’s been working on her projects and passions, which is in self-sustaining living spaces and working more in harmony with nature, but the investments she made towards these projects are worth considerably less now. This means she’s now starting from square one again without the funds to do what she wants. If only she could manifest all the money she needs, her dream of a self-sustaining reality would come true.

Is recouping the money her only chance of getting back on track? Should she focus on getting the money into her reality to be able to realize her dreams? And, how can the principles of LOA get her the reality she wants!

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you believe you need money before you can get the reality you want.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller’s finances are causing a lot of anxiety and terror for her.
  • She believes this situation is going to lead to the devastation of her plans and dreams.
  • How do we start the process of changing our reality?
  • Why is she in the perfect position right now to change her beliefs?
  • How do we always choose the right path, no matter what?
  • Does having fear inside of us indicate that we are in danger?
  • How can she create the right amount of value to others?
  • How can she approach her financial situation using LOA?
  • What is money’s role when we are focusing on what we want to create?
  • What’s the most important, the how or the what, of what we want?
  • How do we create our reality?
  • Why do the path and the goal have to feel the same?
  • Is one manifestation responsible for another manifestation?
  • How can she play the stock market using LOA?