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  • #416 How Can She Be A Successful Osteopath?

#416 How Can She Be A Successful Osteopath?


This caller is in her final year studying Osteopathy, but she’s failed quite a lot of exams recently. Failing these exams has been both humiliating and challenging for her because she feels she’s self-sabotaging herself when she can’t focus on her studies. Her main reason for failing her exams is when she’s being assessed practically by the examiners. This makes her extremely nervous and lacking in self-confidence which is having a negative effect on her ability to pass the exams or to even believe she can continue to help people.

What’s the issue with her being graded by her assessors? Why does she lack confidence when they are with her? And, how can she use LOA to align her energy with being able to pass the exams and continue being the healer she is?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you if you’re studying, but it’s not going as well as it could for you.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller is in her final year in Osteopathy, but she’s failed a lot of exams recently.
  • This has been both challenging and humiliating for her.
  • Being assessed by her examiners brings up a lot of resistance and nerves for her.
  • Does she need to create an urgency to do the exams and study more?
  • Why has she lost her passion for Osteopathy?
  • How can she prove to herself that she can help people?
  • What limiting belief is holding her back?
  • How can she feel more confident when she’s working with people?
  • Whose permission does she need to be a healer?
  • How can she feel better being assessed by the assessors?
  • What resistance does she have to learning?
  • When do we find clarity?
  • Should we only listen and learn from teachers?
  • Can she demonstrate her own methodology with what she’s learned from her teachers?
  • How can she get into the energy of being approved of by her assessors?