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  • #417 How Can He Align His Energy With His Big Vision In His Music Career?

#417 How Can He Align His Energy With His Big Vision In His Music Career?


This caller’s music career is going ok, it’s better than it was some time ago, but it could still be better. He wants to do more, have a bigger music career, but he’s struggling to know what to do next to take it to the next level. He’s been taking action by writing music and meeting people who could help his career go further, but it doesn’t seem to be progressing. He’s also manifesting other good things that he’d like to explore, but these also aren’t getting off the ground.

Do we need to acknowledge where we are right now in our reality? When is the right time to time action when focusing on what we want? How important is energy work in the creation process? And, when his energy is aligned what will he manifest?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if your career is ok, but you want bigger and better.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller is a musician who is doing ok, but his career could be so much more.
  • He wants his career to progress, but he’s struggling with what steps to take.
  • He’s manifesting some good things, but things aren’t moving any further.
  • Why should we acknowledge where we are right now?
  • Is the how of a manifestation our responsibility?
  • What does he like about being a musician?
  • How can we keep aligned with our big vision?
  • Do we need to sacrifice joy to get what we want?
  • How can we keep the progression of a manifestation going?
  • How can he align his energy with going further in his music career?
  • How do we know when we’re on a negative path?
  • When is the right time to take action?
  • When do our manifestations show up?
  • Why is raising our vibration so important in creating our reality?
  • Why do we have an imagination?
  • What’s the difference between visualizing what we want and fantasizing about what we want?
  • Is fame a sign of power?

*Blog post mentioned in the call. You’re welcome!!