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  • #419 Can She Connect With What She Wants Where She Is Right Now?

#419 Can She Connect With What She Wants Where She Is Right Now?


This caller moved to the United States 17 years ago from her home in South America. She only intended to stay for 1 year, to make some money and then move on to another adventure, but the pull of money and wanting something more stable in her life kept her in the US. She now has children and is also divorced, but she feels the time is right to move her reality on to something more. She has a good life in the US but she misses South America. Her dream is to move back there and build the same life or a better one than she has in the US.  However, this is causing a lot of conflicting feelings inside of her especially when her friends and family question why she wants more than what she already has.

What’s missing from her reality in the US that is making her want to move back home? Can she have what she wants if she moves back to South America? Does she have to move back home to get what she wants? And, what can she do to get her energy into a place of already having what she wants?

Listen in to find out more!

If you’re ready to move from where you’re current living and you need to get your energy right first, this call is for you.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller moved to the US 17 years ago but she’s missing her home culture and language.
  • She has a good life in the US but she wants to move while holding onto what she has now.
  • Is it ok to want more than what we already have?
  • What are we tapping into when we connect with our higher self?
  • Can she connect with what she wants while living in Las Vegas?
  • What is the purpose of rituals?
  • How can we feel we are on the same level as our guides in the spiritual world?
  • How can she raise her energy to create a connection with her ancestors/guides?
  • How can we get into the feeling of living in the now?
  • What questions can she ask her ancestors if a fear shows up?
  • What can she do that will raise her abundance levels?