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  • #422 How Can She Release Her Work Stress And Insecurities?

#422 How Can She Release Her Work Stress And Insecurities?


This caller’s anxiety increases when she thinks about her future and how it will look. During quarantine because of Coronavirus she’s working from home which really suits her as it gives her a lot of flexibility. During quarantine she’s also not distracted by other people which is a huge plus for her. Although she loves working from home, her anxiety starts to manifests with doubts and uncertainty. She feels like she’s in two different worlds in her head – one of joy and one of fear.

Why is her mind taking her to a place of anxiety? What creates her distraction outside of quarantine? And, what beliefs is she holding on to that brings up her anxiety about being out of quarantine?

Listen in to find out more.

This call is for you if you have any workplace stresses or insecurities.

Topics covered in this call 

  • This caller is suffering with doubts and uncertainty about her future.
  • In quarantine (Coronavirus) she likes the flexibility of it and being able to concentrate on herself.
  • She feels she’s in two different worlds in her head.
  • Why does our mind pull us into our fears?
  • What creates a lack of focus?
  • What happens when we try to control children?
  • Do we have to put up with things we don’t want?
  • How long should we focus on what we want?
  • How can we improve our own authority?
  • When do we take action?
  • How can she release her work stress and insecurities?
  • How do we figure out the how of something?
  • How do we simplify the what of a manifestation?
  • Why do we manifest something we don’t care about?
  • How can we eliminate the noise that stops our clarity?