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  • #423 Can She Find A Perfect Job And Still Be With Her Dog Everyday?

#423 Can She Find A Perfect Job And Still Be With Her Dog Everyday?


This caller was recently let go from her job of 14 years. She’s ok at the moment, so not destitute, and she has the time and space to be able to look for the right position that is fun and exciting. She wants a job where she can make a difference and where she gets to help people. She also wants to be able to spend her days with her dog. She has some resistance about finding a job where she gets to have her dog with her at all times, so this coaching is all about her focusing and getting her vibration aligned with just that – a perfect job where she gets to take her dog with her.

This call is for you if you want a perfect job that allows you to have who you want with you.

Topics covered in this call 

  • This caller recently lost her job of 14 years in a market with lots of job seekers.
  • She wants a job that is fun, exciting and joyful.
  • What does she need to focus on to align her energy with the right job?
  • How do things manifest?
  • What makes her heart sing?
  • How can she release her resistance when focusing on her perfect job?
  • How does she focus on her perfect job where she’s still with her dog everyday?
  • How can she visualize her nephew enjoying spending time with dogs?
  • What does her perfect job look like?
  • How can she stop becoming frustrated when searching for information?
  • How do we activate what we want coming into our reality?