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  • #427 Can She Heal From Her Relationship With Her Parents?

#427 Can She Heal From Her Relationship With Her Parents?


This caller has suffered with an eating disorder which was under control until 3 years ago. She’s now getting help from an eating coach, which means she’s eating food again, but she’s not sure she’s doing the right thing. She’s been told that due to being malnourished, once she starts to eat, she will be very hungry and that she should satisfy that hunger to allow her body to heal. However, this is causing her to freak out because she’s gaining weight.

As we know, everything is energy and any manifestation is a result of our energy, negative or positive. So, during this call we look at the energy behind her eating disorder – we talk about her relationship with her parents.

This call is for you if you’ve manifested something that has a link between you and your parents.

Topics covered in this call 

  • This caller had an eating disorder that resurfaced 3 years ago.
  • She’s getting help from an eating coach, but it doesn’t feel right.
  • She’s eating again but putting on weight and it’s freaking her out.
  • What is her body showing her now that’s she eating again?
  • Is the control of food a symptom or a cause of an eating disorder?
  • Can an eating disorder affect our mind?
  • How can she work on her feelings about her dad?
  • Has she taken on any of her mom’s judgement?
  • Who gets to decide how someone lives their life?
  • Why does life appear to be a bumpy ride?
  • How can she release guilty feelings about her dad?
  • How can she step into her power with regards to her mom?