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  • #429 How Can She Release Her Anxiety About Death?

#429 How Can She Release Her Anxiety About Death?


From the age of 16 this caller has been fascinated by the topic of death, particularly near death experiences and the afterlife. From her teenage years she started hearing about people who were dying, including, when she was 19, her father dying suddenly. This fascination then turned into anxiety, because she felt she knew her father was going to die a few months before he did. She’s now left with a fear of dying herself or that the people she knows will die.

Did she predict her father’s death? What is her anxiety around death mirroring back to her? What fear is beneath her anxiety about death? Can she release her fears and live her life fully?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you have a fear of death and dying.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller has anxiety around death.
  • Her father died suddenly in 2011 which has made her own anxiety worse.
  • What scares her more, her own death or other people’s?
  • What is her anxiety about death mirroring back to her?
  • What does death represent?
  • What happens when she gets into the energy of her own death?
  • How do we get into an abusive relationship with God?
  • How can she release her anger towards God and her dad?
  • Would her own death be a relief to her?
  • What did she let go of when she visualized her own death?
  • What is the difference between pain and suffering?
  • Why is she holding onto her pain?
  • How can she learn to enjoy shining her own light?
  • Can she release her need to be approved of?
  • How can she make her 4-year-old-self happy?
  • How can she recognize her own power and release her pain?
  • Can we heal the world when we heal ourselves?
  • Should we live our life every day?