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#433 How Can She Step Into Her Power?


This caller understands that she’s a powerful being – and now she’s ready to meet the powerful person that she truly is. She’s open and eager to learn about the wisdom and the truth of the power she has. (That we all have). She wants to claim her life force and meet her full self, to fully accept that she’s enough being who she is, no matter if, or when, she screws things up – or not.

In today’s call we learn how to get to vibrational stability. We learn how to love ourselves first and why that’s important so that we can meet and be our powerful self. We learn to accept and embrace our darkness and negative emotions, meaning that we have access to all that we are. We can finally step into who we really are. (All this with the wonderful help of a dragon….)

This call is for you if you want to accept yourself fully and be the powerful person you truly are.

Topics covered in this call 

  • This caller is ready to take her learning further and meet her full self.
  • She’s ready to let go of the heaviness she’s carrying and step into her power.
  • What is it that she’s really looking for?
  • Can we achieve constant stability?
  • Why should we love ourselves first?
  • What does anger look like when released constructively?
  • How can we accept our darkness and negative emotions?
  • How do we get to feel confident?
  • How can she give a voice to herself?
  • Can she defend her boundaries?
  • How can she work with her triggers?
  • How do we claim our freedom?
  • Is the world changing and speeding up?
  • Do we slow things down when we don’t take action?
  • What’s happening with humanity today?