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#434 Why Aren’t Her Manifestations Perfect?


This caller is close to getting what she wants, but just when she thinks she has it, it gets pulled away from her. A great guy showed up, they did lots of exciting things together, had a really good time together and then, boom, all over. Her father-in-law willed his house to her which is a nice house, but it’s not the house for her. Plus, his adult children are furious that he’s left the house to her. She also manifested a serious illness this year where she ended up on life support and that seemed to come from nowhere.

So, what’s happening here? Why is she getting so close, but it’s not quite right? Is she really getting close to what she wants, or is something else going on? Are setting boundaries with people part of these almost great manifestations?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re close to what you want but things aren’t working out perfectly.

Topics covered in this call 

  • This caller is getting what she wants, but it’s coming with a lot of issues.
  • Great boyfriend turned out not so great and a new house comes with problems.
  • She also manifested a serious illness that appeared from nowhere.
  • Is she really getting closes to what she wants?
  • Why are people throwing tantrums at her?
  • Why did she end up on life support with her illness?
  • How can she raise her energy around her father-in-law’s adult children?
  • Does she need to cater to the adult children?
  • Is she being fair to her friend who is renting the house?
  • What is an equal friendship?
  • When is the best time to help someone?
  • How can she align her energy with the house she wants?
  • What is entitlement?
  • Can we manifest for someone else?
  • What is karma?
  • How can she release her belief that she owes too much to her friend?
  • What is cause and effect?