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  • #438 How Can She Move Into 5D Living?

#438 How Can She Move Into 5D Living?


This caller wants to know what 5D (5th dimension) living is all about. She feels she’s being pushed by the Universe into a more empowering life – a life where she’s getting more connection with her guides and other beings and also living to her full potential. Her issue though is that she has no clue how to reach for 5D or what this even means. She wants to know: Is this way of living more linear? Does she have to master 3D living before she can fully embrace 5D living? Does she have to suffer before she can level up? And, what does 5D living require of her?

All the answers are right here in this call today!! You’re welcome.

This call is for you if you’re interested in and ready to access the 5D world.

Topics covered in this call  

  • This caller feels she’s being pushed into a 5D way of living.
  • The problem is – she doesn’t know what that means or what’s expected of her.
  • What is 5D living?
  • What is the linear process?
  • What is the difference between 3D and 5D?
  • What happens when we level up to 5D?
  • Are we done when we reach 5D?
  • Why can it take time to access a higher level of frequency?
  • How do we change our default vibrational setting?
  • How do we create a desire?
  • Do we have to suffer to grow?
  • Does anything really go wrong?
  • Are we supported by the Universe?
  • How can we reach the light?
  • How do we access full empowerment?
  • Why is waking up a bitch?
  • How can we manifest with ease?