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#440 How Can She Find Her Own Light?


This caller wants to learn how to raise her energy so that she can leave her current job. She wants money coming in without having to put up with a boring job. Her ultimate goal is to have time, money and abundance, but for now she’d settle for $3000 per month without leaving the house. She’s been working on getting into a better feeling place and finding a job that is doable, but this process only brings up her anxiety about working with other people.

So, this call was about finding a job, however what came through was to talk about this caller’s anxiety and her love of creative writing. We discovered that her escape into her creative writing was in fact affecting her ability to live in the real world. What we needed to do was to bring her fantasy world into the real world.  She had a lot of resistance, but we worked through it, meaning she is now getting on the road to what she wants, releasing her negative emotions about herself, and finding her own light.

This call is for you if you’re feeling anxious, worried, scared and unable to find your light.

Topics covered in this call   

  • This caller wants to raise her energy to get out of her job.
  • Ultimately, she wants time money and abundance.
  • Why hasn’t she been able to find something suitable yet?
  • When did she last feel calm and free?
  • Why does working with people heighten her anxiety?
  • Why does she feel more alive when she’s doing her creative writing?
  • Can she live her real life the same way she lives in video games?
  • How can she follow her intuition?
  • Why has she detached herself from the real world?
  • Will feeling her hatred release her resistance?
  • How can she make peace with her inner self?
  • How can she release her feeling of boredom?
  • What does she really want?
  • Can she release her sadness?