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#448 Can He Release His Blocked Resistance?


This caller’s resistance has been with him for quite some time. He knows how to sit with it and feel it, but he’s not releasing enough to get him to the next level of his manifesting. He’s at the point now that it can sometimes feel like too much hard work to try to unblock the fear, the anger and the self doubt that’s inside of him. Right now, it’s like he’s living in groundhog day.

Why is he stuck in his resistance? Why isn’t he releasing it successfully? Is he making more progress on this journey than he realizes? What emotion does he need to release first to be able to move to the next level of his manifesting?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’ve got resistance that just won’t move out.

Topics covered in this call       

  • This caller wants to teach but it’s not manifesting into his reality yet.
  • He has resistance around self-doubt and being good enough to teach.
  • He can feel his anger and fear but he’s not sure how to get to the next level.
  • How do we know when an anger release has worked?
  • What does progress look like on our journey?
  • How can he face and release his fear?
  • How can he feel safe?
  • Can a constructive anger release help with fear?
  • What is the value of just observing and experiencing?
  • How can he be who he truly is?
  • How can he accept himself?
  • When will he know that he’s enough?
  • When it the right time for him to act as a teacher?