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  • #449 Releasing His Belief That He Has To Protect People

#449 Releasing His Belief That He Has To Protect People


This caller is having a lot of emotions coming up concerning his past. His childhood was at times quite traumatic where he tried to protect his younger brothers but he didn’t always manage to do it as well as he wanted to. He now has those same feelings towards his wife where he believes he needs to protect her – mainly from him. And, no matter how much he tries to do the right thing, he always feels he’s not quite good enough in what he’s doing.

What’s happened in his past that’s manifesting now in his emotions? Why doesn’t he feel good enough? Is he responsible for protecting people? And, how can he release his past hurts?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re feeling a strong sense of responsibility for other people.

Topics covered in this call  

  • This caller is having emotions coming up about his past.
  • He also feels that he needs to protect the people he loves mainly from himself.
  • What’s happened in his past?
  • Why does he want to protect people?
  • How can he release his guilt and shame?
  • Do we have to heal others before we can heal?
  • Is he responsible for other people?
  • Are people on their own journey?
  • How is the right way to help someone?
  • Why does the energy work come first?
  • Why should we give ourselves permission to feel good?
  • How can we change our perspective when nothing changes on the outside?
  • When is the right time to take action?
  • How do we know when we’re ready to move out of 3D into 5D?
  • What are the definitions of a warrior?