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  • #450 How Can She Unblock Her Abundance Vibration?

#450 How Can She Unblock Her Abundance Vibration?


This caller knows all about the principles of LOA and has had some success with it over the years. However, recently this success isn’t manifesting  into her reality as much anymore. She’s facing both obstacles, and a feeling of working against herself a lot of the time. She gets the asking and the believing, but the receiving part now seems to be a problem for her.

Why is she struggling to receive what she wants? Is there a link between her not receiving what she wants, and something being taken away from her in her past? What does she need to focus on, and what blocks does she need to remove to allow what she wants into her reality?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you get the asking and believing of LOA, but the receiving of it isn’t showing up.

Topics covered in this call  

  • This caller isn’t manifesting what she wants into her reality.
  • She gets the asking and believing part, but the receiving isn’t showing up.
  • Why is the receiving part difficult to manifest?
  • What concerns her about responsibility?
  • What’s the difference between sharing with someone and losing to someone?
  • How can she unblock her abundance vibration?
  • Can someone take away our manifestations?
  • How can she feel her power against her landlord?
  • How can she stop blaming herself for things going wrong in the past?
  • How can she get her power back?