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#451 Can He Be Who He’s Meant To Be?


This caller has spent the last few years feeling lonely. He is particularly triggered when he goes out and watches people interacting with each other. Right now he feels very disconnected from everyone. He’s also self-aware enough to know that this is not who he is meant to be, but the limiting beliefs he has are stopping him from being who he really is.

Why does he feel disconnected? What beliefs are holding him back? What’s happened in his past that’s manifesting loneliness into his current reality? And, what can he do to release his beliefs and fears and be who he’s meant to be?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re manifesting loneliness into your reality.

Topics covered in this call  

  • This caller has been lonely for a long time.
  • He’d like to help others with it too, but he has to fix himself first.
  • Why are so many people suffering with a disconnection from the world?
  • Why is everything a reflection?
  • What triggers his loneliness?
  • How can he face his fears and release his limiting belief?
  • How can he learn to forgive?
  • How can he work with his memories?
  • Why is judging ourselves unhelpful to our growth?
  • What is reality creating?
  • How does our energy communicate with us?
  • When do we get clarity?
  • What do we agree to do before we are born?
  • How can he give himself permission to love?
  • How do we release the energy of frustration?