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#452 Working As A Photographer/Manifesting Abundance


Just before Covid hit the world, this caller bought a house. During the pandemic her career as photographer halted, meaning she had less money now to cover her mortgage and bills. Although the Universe has supported her with additional funds and help from others, she still needed to get a part time job to support herself. Things have started to get better but she’s finding herself working much harder now than pre Covid so that she can afford the things she wants. If she could manifest a career as a globetrotting photographer and the money to live freely, her reality would be perfect!

Is paid employment the only way to have money? How many paths are there to getting the money you want? Do the path and the goal to get money feel the same? And can she work as a successful photographer without working too hard?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if want the perfect job and you also want to attract your abundance into your reality.

Topics covered in this call  

  • This caller bought a house before Covid, but now her career has stalled.
  • She felt supported through the pandemic as the Universe sent many people to help her.
  • Why wasn’t she affected too badly during the pandemic?
  • Do the path and the goal feel the same?
  • What are we being challenged to do?
  • How can she get the money she wants without working hard?
  • How do poor people and rich people’s beliefs differ?
  • What does it mean to be truly abundant?
  • Is the world leveling up right now?
  • Are desires a manifestation?
  • How can she line up with knowing how good she is as a photographer?
  • Does she need permission from others to get what she wants?
  • What does a precursor look like?

*This call was recorded in 2020.