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  • #453 She Wants Meaningful & Long-Lasting Relationships

#453 She Wants Meaningful & Long-Lasting Relationships


This caller’s personal relationships are not as satisfying as she’d like them to be. She would love to manifest a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with a man. Her friendships are also somewhat lacking, in that they don’t feel good to her. She wants relationships where the person is easy to talk to, where’s there’s trust and respect and where there’s a genuine connection, but right now not all of her personal relationships are showing up how she wants them to in her reality, as in, they are very one-sided, so what can she do?

Why isn’t she attracting the relationships she wants? How do we redress an imbalance in a relationship? How can she take her power back on a one-sided relationship? And what does she need to focus on to manifest the relationships/friendships that she deserves?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you’re ready to have a relationship/friendship that’s feels empowering not disempowering.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller isn’t manifesting the type of relationships/friendships she wants.
  • What happens if we try to force a relationship?
  • How can we tell who is a genuine person?
  • How do we create an imbalance in relationships?
  • What does a manipulator do in a relationship?
  • How can we take away the power of a manipulator?
  • How will a manipulator try to draw you back in?
  • Why will a person manipulate another person?
  • Who sets our boundaries?
  • How can she take her own power back?
  • Is a manipulative person a happy person?
  • How can you attract a balanced partner?
  • When is someone over-compensating in a relationship or about themselves?