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  • #456 How Can She Release Her Triggers About Marriage?

#456 How Can She Release Her Triggers About Marriage?


This caller has done a lot of work around her relationship but she’s feeling stuck when she thinks about the relationship and it’s future. She goes into panic mode not knowing if it’s what she really wants long-term or if marriage and having a family with this guy is right for her. In fact, based on her strict Christian upbringing, the whole marriage thing triggers her and what it means for her identity as a woman to be married.

Is she trying too hard to make the relationship work? What value does she give marriage for a woman? And what is the underlying belief that triggers her marriage fears from her Christian upbringing?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if being in a long-term relationship/marriage triggers you.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller goes into panic thinking of her relationship turning into a marriage.
  • She’s not sure if marriage and starting a family with him is right for her.
  • Is she trying too hard to make her relationship work?
  • How does she feel when she’s triggered by marriage?
  • How does her relationship change if she gets married?
  • Why does she feel she should want to get married?
  • How can she release her triggers with her mom’s disappointment in her?
  • Can we get other people to approve of us?
  • Do we need to be saved?
  • What did Jesus teach?
  • What is the traditional marriage?
  • How can she feel more powerful around her family making her own choices?
  • Who can make us feel better?
  • Can she change her family’s views?
  • How can she set boundaries with her mom?