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  • #025 Finding Her Passion And Learning How To Take Only Inspired Action

#025 Finding Her Passion And Learning How To Take Only Inspired Action


This client was tired of being stuck in the belief that she has to work super hard and suffer a lot in order to make money. What made it more difficult was that she was the only one in her family to rebel against belief. We identified multiple ways in which she had been sabotaging herself and getting in her own way, as well as several points of resistance. One of her biggest issues was that she kept taking action WAY too soon, so we spent some quality time defining what inspired action feels like and how you can tell if the action you want to take is inspired or fear based. If you’re the “make it happen” type, this call is for you!


Topics covered on this call:

  • She’s always had financial issues, and knows that she has limiting beliefs about making money doing something she loves to do
  • She keeps trying to make more money, but quickly loses her motivation to work on each project
  • She has a strong belief that you can only make money through sacrifice (working really, really hard at something you hate)
  • No one in her entire family is doing something they like
  • She’s struggling with the question of if she’s even allowed to want an easier life
  • She’s the only one in her family that is waking up to these ideas, and they think she’s a little bit nuts
  • What she MUST do if she wants to be an example of deliberate receiving for her family
  • Gaining more confidence in this material (that LOA isn’t crazy) when NO ONE in your reality seems to agree
  • How can she tell if her wanting to work from home is an aligned choice or one made out of fear of not being good enough to excel at a job?
  • It’s not that those who make a lot of money don’t work, but they work very differently
  • How she’s killing her inspired ideas before they ever come to fruition (multiple reasons)
  • Sure-fire comeback for when negative and doubting family members confront her
  • Why you really don’t want to know how it will all work out along the way
  • She keeps trying to do the Universe’s job (dissecting this in detail)
  • An example of looking for resistance using visualizing
  • Figuring out which action is inspired, and which is fear based