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#026 She Feels Like A “Loser”


This client grew up in a family with low self-esteem, and had brought that with her into her adult life. She’d amassed a great deal of evidence that she would always have to struggle more than others, and yet would always end up with less than them. We managed to shift a great deal of her jealousy and low self worth, by dissecting different incidents from her life and reframing them. If you’ve ever struggled with feeling like a “loser”, this call is for you.


Topics covered on this call:

  • Doesn’t feel like she’s keeping up with everyone else. Her friends all have houses and kids, etc.
  • She doesn’t know how to make relationships work, how to keep her weight under control, or how to get what she wants in general
  • The BIG misconception about “making peace with where you are” – it’s not about looking at something that feels bad and trying to make it feel good
  • She doesn’t want to be seen as negative – which has caused her to slip into denial
  • She feels jealous of those who have more
  • She feels like a loser, and this is demonstrated in several areas of her life
  • Why she feels like a loser – how that belief was created and how it has manifested
  • Working through the resistance to shift the underlying belief
  • She’s had several friends “break up” with her and takes that as an indicator that there’s something wrong with her
  • Why those friends ACTUALLY left her reality
  • She has a wedding coming up where she will see some of these ex-friends
  • Overcoming fears of what others think of us and how they react to us
  • Why relationships and friendships get ugly
  • The dangers of meeting up with people from our past – and how to overcome them