Reality Explorers June 2021

This month, I’ve decided to do something different (yet again). I’m inspired (heavily) to share my most powerful technique with you. The original Reality Academy was built around this technique (so RA will obviously be 100% overhauled and new), but the time has come for me to unlock this teaching for the REX group. I hope you’re as excited as I am (or will be…).

This technique is called Aspect Integration, or, in more colloquial terms, the “Fairy Godmother Game”. Because we spent a lot of effort building out this technique for Reality Academy, I’ve decided that I did not need to recreate that content, and am simply sharing the RA videos and supporting materials with you here. So, you’re going to hear me refer to some RA course stuff at the beginning of the intro. Please don’t be confused by that. With the teachings in the new LOA Academy, and the REX teachings since, you’ve been well prepared for this advanced technique.

As always, we’re including the transcripts, but there is also a “Fairy Godmother Game” synopsis, so you have a separate document detailing the technique in writing. I’m also including 3 of my pre-recorded coaching calls which demonstrate this technique. The basic idea is easy to learn, but implementing it can take a bit of practice. This is why it’s an advanced technique. Of course, I’m happy to assist you in this implementation on our two monthly coaching calls.

Take your time with this technique. Use the supporting materials. This is the tool I use to shift the most energy, the fastest. It’s not always the best tool to use (you don’t always need a scalpel, sometimes, a sledgehammer will do), but I have never come across any technique that has the power to find, shift out and heal beliefs and trauma with the same precision and speed.

I really look forward to your feedback. And as always, if you have any questions, please ask them in the FB group, email me, or submit your question on the next call.

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