Why do we attract bullies? How can we stop the cycle? Is it ok to stand up to a bully, or are we supposed to have compassion for them? Is it ok to fight back?

What To Do If You’re Being Bullied

This reader is having abuse lobbed at her from all corners, including her 2 year old. What’s going on and how can she stop it?

Dear LOA: Why Do I Keep Attracting Abusers?

Could the way you’re talking to yourself be keeping you from the life you really want? Learn a powerful technique to shift your energy!

Are You In An Abusive Relationship With Yourself?

If we create our own realities, even if someone has hurt us, are we then saying it’s ok to hurt others? Does the one who hurt us carry none of the responsibility?

Does the Law of Attraction Give People Permission To Hurt Others?

Why do some men abuse women? Why do some women allow themselves to be abused? There is an underlying belief structure at the core of abusive relationships, which this articles seeks to explore.

The Anatomy Of An Abusive Relationship