You’re home and finally able to take care of anger, but it just won’t flow. What do you do? Well, the answer may surprise you.

Anger Release – What If Anger Doesn’t Flow? | 30 Day Video Challenge 26 of 30

Is it ok to use the word hate, as in “I hate something”? The Law of Attraction police would have you think NOPE! But I say Yes! Watch today’s video and find out who’s right!

Are LOA-ers Allowed To “Hate” Something?

If you are sitting with the emotion, it won’t (usually) magically go away.  It can happen that way, but generally not with depression.

What If “Just Feeling” Your Emotions Doesn’t Work?

You understand the Law of Attraction intellectually, but you’re not yet feeling the joy and awesomeness it promises? Well, chances are, you’re making this one mistake that’s keeping you stuck.

Is This One Mistake Keeping You Stuck?

What can you do if you’re being bullied? Should you stand up for yourself, or will that just make it worse? Watch today’s video to find out how to shift your energy into a much more powerful place.

How To Feel Powerful When You Don’t

This Awesome Dude cares for his family, but can’t deal with their negativity. Leaving is not an option, so how can he feel better?

What To Do If Your Family Makes You Feel Powerless

This reader keeps getting stuck in self-sabotage and self-blame and can’t seem to break free. Here’s my advice to her.

Blaming Yourself vs. Taking Responsibility

You’ve been screwed over. Should you fight back or walk away? Or, is there another way?

Should I Fight Back or Let It Go?

I hijack this reader’s question about her boyfriend’s anger to make a powerful point about world peace. It needed to be done. Trust me.

What Your Boyfriend’s Anger Has To Do With World Peace

How can you use your emotional feedback system when you can’t feel your emotions?

Dear LOA: What If I Have No Emotions?