What exactly does it mean to awaken? What are we awakening to? And why do we have to (naps are nice…)? Watch today’s very short video for the answer!

Are You Waking Up? And What The #$@! Does That Mean?!

What’s the real story on this New Earth? Can we or our loved ones miss it? Can we be left behind? What will it look like? And what do we have to do in order to make sure we can participate?

Are you ready to step into the New Earth?

It’s time to step up and be who you are, WHAT you are. It’s time to play a bigger game.

You’re Here For Something Bigger. Do You Feel It?

If you need some soothing on the 2016 Presidential election win, then today’s video is for you.

What to Do If You’re Freaking Out About the Election

The United Kingdom has voted to exit the EU. Could this all be part of a bigger picture? Could this even be part of the ascension process?

Brexit: Is Europe Ascending?

Is it possible to look at politics in a happy, shiny way? Can we feel good about politics? Watch today’s video for the answer.

A Happy Shiny Perspective on Politics (in General)

Here’s why it’s not just ok, but totally inevitable and a GOOD THING if you disagree with me.

Why You Should Totally Disagree With Me

In this interview, I spent an hour actually reviewing how to APPLY the ascension insights I’ve been talking about to the manifesting process.

How to Apply the Ascension Insights to Manifestation

Have you been feeling a bit weird lately? A bit off? It turns out that this ascension business can come with some side effects, many of which you may already be experiencing.

7 Symptoms of Ascension

What, exactly, does ascension mean? What are we “ascending” to? Who are we becoming? And, most importantly, how do we make the journey fun?

What is Ascension?