I’m back from my annual pilgrimage to Peru, freshly charged up and blown wide open by a series of plant ceremonies, and I’m ready to start sharing insights! Today’s video is the first of those epiphanies and will set the tone for the whole rest of the year.

Are You Ready to Step Up?

A reader asks what I think about psychedelics. Are they beneficial? And if so, how? Watch this week’s video to find out.

What’s My View On Psychedelics?

I sat down with my shaman in Peru in January and we chatted about Ayahuasca, spiritual development and life.

Interview With My Ayahuasca Shaman

A reader asked why anyone would use plant medicines like Ayahuasca. Here’s my answer.

Why I Use Plant Medicines

As I’ve been working with the sacred plant San Pedro this week, I’d like to tell you about my first and hardest, but most valuable San Pedro ceremony.

The Journey That Nearly Killed Me (and Why I’m Glad It Did)

Today, I share with you a key insight from my most recent (VERY recent) Ayahuasca ceremony.

How I Finally Made Peace With My Ego/Mind

Is it wrong to smoke marijuana for spiritual purposes? Can this cause spiritual damage in the long run?

What does LOA Say About Smoking Marijuana?

Quantum Leaps can be a bitch. They’re uncomfortable, they’re incredibly hard to hold on to and they require recovery time. They can, however, give you a glimpse of what’s possible and permanently take you to a higher vibration. With that in mind, here’s what I know about quantum leaps and why you may actually want to go for one.

Orchestrating Quantum Leaps For Lighting-Fast Personal Growth