I’m back from my annual trip to Peru, and ready to share what I learned! Today’s post is all about stepping into a more powerful now.

An Even More Powerful NOW

How can we release negative memories that keep popping up?

Can We Use LOA To Release The Past?

If you suddenly become happy in your crappy job, won’t you be telling the Universe that you now like your job and to just keep you there?

Doesn’t Being Happy With Where I Am Right Now, Keep Me Stuck Where I Am Right Now

How can we visualize the future while still being in the NOW? Doesn’t one contradict the other? Find out how I answered this reader’s question.

How Can I Feel Good NOW When What I Want Is In The Future?

Are you merely existing or really living? This simple concept will remind you to stay present, be here NOW and not throw your moments away.

Are You Forgetting To Take Your Moment?

Is it really possible to live YOUR life, with your job and your kids and all the chaos, in the NOW? Is that, ahem, realistic?

How To Be In The “Now” When You Live In The Real World

Should you go around telling people you already have a new job when you don’t? Will that help you manifest what you want?

Dear LOA: What Does “Acting As If” Mean?

Do we really need to dig up old memories and “release” them? Or could we actually be doing more harm than good?

Rehashing Memories – When You Should Leave The Past In The Past

The Secret got a lot of people interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction. Because the movie’s aim was to appeal to as large an audience as possible, it kind of had to keep “the secret” a secret. I have no such restriction.

The Secret Behind “The Secret” – How We Manifest Reality

Are you really living or merely existing? Zombies exist. Humans live. Which one are you?

Are You A Zombie?