This is what I call the “All or nothing” cycle, and it’s easy to get stuck in it. This kind of thinking, however, doesn’t serve us at all when it comes to creating our WANTED realities.

How to Step Out of the Huge Excitement/Crushing Disappointment Cycle

The fourth type of crazy bitch behavior, is when we go into dictator or even “mommy” mode. We become condescending and arrogant.

Are You In Dictator Or “Mommy” Mode? | Crazy Bitch Syndrome Part 4

Why do we attract bullies? How can we stop the cycle? Is it ok to stand up to a bully, or are we supposed to have compassion for them? Is it ok to fight back?

What To Do If You’re Being Bullied

In this video, I explore 7 ways that others may be manipulating you, and what you can do about them.

7 Methods People Use to Manipulate You

What can you do if you’re being bullied? Should you stand up for yourself, or will that just make it worse? Watch today’s video to find out how to shift your energy into a much more powerful place.

How To Feel Powerful When You Don’t

Awesome Melissa has tried to set a boundary with her BF, but it hasn’t worked. What went wrong?

When To Set Boundaries And When To Walk Away

You want to focus on what’s going well, but you don’t want to be all braggy about it. How can you ensure that you’re not?

How To Talk About Your Successes Without Bragging

What’s the process for finding the perfect solution to every problem? How do you know when to stand up to someone or when to let it go?

How Do I Resolve A Conflict When I Just Want To Punch People In The Face?

Can you use the Law of Attraction to stop people talking smack about you?

Rumors: Can You Use LOA To Stop People From Talking About You?

This reader is hurt that her family no longer seem to care after she raised her vibration. What’s happening and does she just have to let them go?

Dear LOA: Do I Have To Let My Family Gravitate Out Of My Reality?