So yeah. I got a book contract. Here’s how I allowed that to happen while doing absolutely nothing.

How I Manifested a Book Publishing Contract (Surprise! I’m Announcing My Book!)

A reader shares how she went from depression to joy and manifested the job of her dreams!

This Stuff Really Works! – A Reader Shares Her Story

Can you use LOA to change the body? Can you lose or gain weight, or heal illnesses using the Law of Attraction? Yes. Yes you can. Here’s how.

LOA and Healing or Changing The Physical Body

In this post, I use a reader question to take you through the process of finding and releasing resistance and lining up with the energy of what you want. In. Nitty. Gritty. Detail.

An Example of Releasing Resistance in Order to Change a Manifestation

In this case study, I’ll take you inside a coaching session with a client who connected with and released the pain he’d always felt around having been adopted. You’ll witness the evolution through these complex emotions from both his perspective and mine.

The Painful Flipside Of Being Adopted – Case Study

Are some jobs more spiritual than others? Can kickboxing be spiritual? Or should we dedicate our lives only to virtuous jobs? What are the rules?

Is Your Job or Life Choice Spiritual Enough? (Case Study)