What are you supposed to do when your bundle of joy makes you want to tear your hair out? How can you remain Zen when they won’t go to bed, refuse to eat their veggies, and throw tantrums at the worst possible moments?

High Vibrational Parenting Tips

In today’s video, I explore what spiritual bypassing is, how to avoid it and how to guard against others who try to use it on us.

What is Spiritual Bypassing?

Kids don’t have nearly as much resistance as adults do and they are much faster to respond to any kind of energy work or any kind of uplifting work that we do.

Using LOA to Empower Children

Can teenagers apply the LOA deliberately to the unique challenges they face? Of course they can! Here’s how:

LOA For Teenagers

This teacher asks what she can do to keep kids interested in the classroom

Can You Use LOA To Make School Fun For Kids?

As some of you will have undoubtedly noticed, things are changing. Rapidly. The world is changing, people are changing, I’ve declared that I will henceforth evolve publicly and as a result, this blog is changing. And, I guess, that’s been pretty apparent. On the recent post Isn’t It Time For Men And Women To Get

Solutions – Hacking Education

Can’t get over your childhood trauma? Here’s how to stop letting your past define you!

How To Get Over Your Crappy Childhood

Why do tragedies like the Connecticut shooting and the Boston Marathon bombings happen? Is there a purpose? What about the children?

Dear LOA: Why Do Innocent People Keep Dying In Tragedies?

How are ridiculous beliefs formed and why does our brain just accept them as truth? And, even more importantly, how can we change them?

Why Do Our Brains Accept False Beliefs As Truth?

Do you hate studying, but want to get good grades anyway? Here’s how the Law of Attraction can help!

Can I Use LOA To Change My Grades?