Can you manifest if your significant other doesn’t want to cooperate? What can you do if they’re sabotaging your manifestations?

Can I Manifest, Even If My Husband Won’t Cooperate?

Generally at the end of the year we tend to get together with our loved ones, and it can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be the worst time of the year, because these are the people that push our buttons the way that nobody else can. How do you go about surviving that season and how do you enjoy it?

Surviving the Holidays with LOA

Kids don’t have nearly as much resistance as adults do and they are much faster to respond to any kind of energy work or any kind of uplifting work that we do.

Using LOA to Empower Children

We never seem to have a shortage of crises in our world, do we? As soon as we stamp out one threat, another one just seems to pop up. Why is that??

What Does LOA Have To Say About ISIS And Ebola And Co.?

If inspired action leads you to a bad experience, did something go wrong? And did you make that bad thing happen?

Dear LOA: What If My Inspired Action Leads To Something Bad?

A 12 year old boy died. What went wrong? Can we wish ourselves to death, and what happens if we choose to die? How long are we supposed to live, anyway?

More Questions About Death: Dying Too Soon, Suicide and Longevity

So, you’re working on this Law of Attraction stuff. You accept that you create your reality, theoretically at least, you meditate and visualize and you’ve even noticed that things in your life are getting better.

How to Use LOA to Vanquish a Nasty Co-Worker

It’s a parent’s job to worry. When the kids are little, they worry that they’ll screw them up for life. When they’re adults, mom and dad worry that they could’ve or should’ve done countless things differently.

Stop Blaming the Parents

A good friend of mine, let’s call him Ryan, has a bit of an issue. Or rather, many of his friends have a bit of an issue with him.

You’ve Disappointed Me! (Great Expectations)

We create our reality through the vibrations we send out. These vibrations are a result of the thoughts we think and focus on. But if we create everything in our reality, all of it, where do other people come in? Can we control others with our vibration?

How We Co-Create Our Reality With Others