What can you do if you’re being bullied? Should you stand up for yourself, or will that just make it worse? Watch today’s video to find out how to shift your energy into a much more powerful place.

How To Feel Powerful When You Don’t

You’ve been screwed over. Should you fight back or walk away? Or, is there another way?

Should I Fight Back or Let It Go?

So, you believe that you create your own reality (or rather, receive it). But how do you deal with the non-believers, the muggles, the skeptics? And how can you apply this knowledge to any argument?

How to Win Any Argument

What’s the process for finding the perfect solution to every problem? How do you know when to stand up to someone or when to let it go?

How Do I Resolve A Conflict When I Just Want To Punch People In The Face?

This reader is having abuse lobbed at her from all corners, including her 2 year old. What’s going on and how can she stop it?

Dear LOA: Why Do I Keep Attracting Abusers?

Why exactly are some people so passive aggressive, and how can we can defend ourselves against them?

How To Disarm A Passive Aggressive Douchebag

Can you be too nice? Is nice the same as being weak? And if not, how can you say no to your boss or even family while still being nice?

How To Say No, Or Is It Possible To Be Too Nice?

I’ve written extensively about how to release resistance so “negative” events don’t occur again. But what about when someone’s attacking or screaming at you? What do you do then?

Emergency LOA: What To Do When The Sh*t Is Hitting The Fan

Listen in on an actual coaching call about issues with confrontation!

Overcoming Your Fear Of Confrontation – A Coaching Call

You may have no problem defending others, but when it comes to standing up for yourself, you curl up into the fetal position. But you don’t have to thump your chest and threaten people to get what you want. Practice quiet strength instead and you’ll accomplish more than any drill sergeant ever could, without being a bitch. Here’s how:

Quiet Strength – How To Stand Up For Yourself Without Being A Bitch