In today’s Conscious Conversation, I’m joined by Makhosi Candiss, an American black woman who also happens to be a trained Zulu Shaman.

A Zulu Shaman and a White Lady Talking About Race | Conscious Conversations Episode 3

This week, in the second episode of the Conscious Conversations series, we continue that conversation on a more international level.

What’s it like to grow up in a Black MAJORITY? | Conscious Conversations Episode 2

Ever wonder why the whole world is hoarding toilet paper? Here’s the underlying, energy, LOA-based explanation you’ve been waiting for!

Hoarding Toilet Paper – LOA Explains Why!

An exploration of the Coronavirus from a Law of Attraction point of view. How did we manifest this? And how to weather this storm.

CoronaVirus: Why/how did we manifest this?!

If you’ve been looking at the world and wondering how in the hell you’re supposed to keep your vibration up during all this chaos, today’s video is definitely for you.

How to Hold Your Energy During Chaos + Fearing Change

Have you been seeing loads of little synchronicities like 11:11, or other patterns and combinations? Do they mean anything, and if so, what?

She’s Seeing Lots of Synchronicities – What Gives?

There’s a real difference between understanding how the Law of Attraction works and actually LIVING it, and that’s what we’ll explore in today’s video.

Understanding LOA “Logically” Vs. Actually Applying It

Shifting from one reality to another, from one reality where you don’t yet have what you want to one where you DO have that thing you want, can feel like chaos. In today’s video, I tackle that state of chaos and how to overcome it.

Shifting From One Reality To Another

Abraham-Hicks teaches that it takes 17 seconds to get enough energy going to manifest something. But is this true?

How Many Seconds Should We Focus on a Manifestation?

In today’s video, I make my case for why knowing the future is actually not usually a productive thing, and how it can even backfire and slow down your wanted manifestations.

Why You Don’t Want To Know The Future…