A reader asks what I think about psychedelics. Are they beneficial? And if so, how? Watch this week’s video to find out.

What’s My View On Psychedelics?

Is it wrong to smoke marijuana for spiritual purposes? Can this cause spiritual damage in the long run?

What does LOA Say About Smoking Marijuana?

Is it ok to use medications or drugs? How do they relate to the Law of Attraction? Is using drugs not just “cheating”? Or could they even possibly block us from manifesting what we want?

Should you Fix Your Life With LOA or Prescription Drugs?

The drug war is based on the premise that if we just push hard enough against something, it will eventually go away. But once we understand how the law of attraction works, we can see why this approach has only made the problem worse. This article explains what addiction is and offers some alternative solutions.

The Truth about Drug (and other) Addictions