Kids don’t have nearly as much resistance as adults do and they are much faster to respond to any kind of energy work or any kind of uplifting work that we do.

Using LOA to Empower Children

This teacher asks what she can do to keep kids interested in the classroom

Can You Use LOA To Make School Fun For Kids?

The skeptics make a great point. LOA is not “proven”. So, how do you know what’s true? Am I even for real? Is Abraham?

Dear LOA: How Do We Know Which Teachers To Believe

As some of you will have undoubtedly noticed, things are changing. Rapidly. The world is changing, people are changing, I’ve declared that I will henceforth evolve publicly and as a result, this blog is changing. And, I guess, that’s been pretty apparent. On the recent post Isn’t It Time For Men And Women To Get

Solutions – Hacking Education

Do you hate studying, but want to get good grades anyway? Here’s how the Law of Attraction can help!

Can I Use LOA To Change My Grades?

Our Education System is clearly broken. But why exactly is that and what can we do about it?

Overhauling Our Education System – LOA Style

Enlightenment isn’t about never having a negative emotion. You can want to slap people and still find enlightenment. Here’s how.

How To Find Enlightenment Even When You Want to Slap People

How do the masters hold their vibration in any situation?

How do the Masters do it?

In this edition of the LOA Q&A series, I’ll answer questions about the law of attraction and getting pregnant, avoiding depression and learning languages.

Quick Questions About LOA and Manifesting Volume 3

In this series, I’ll answer collection of short and common questions about the law of attraction and manifesting.

Quick Questions About LOA and Manifesting Volume 2