How can you shift your energy when you can’t connect with your emotions?

What If You Can’t Connect With Your Feelings?

Is it ok to use the word hate, as in “I hate something”? The Law of Attraction police would have you think NOPE! But I say Yes! Watch today’s video and find out who’s right!

Are LOA-ers Allowed To “Hate” Something?

From an energetic point of view, is there a purpose for despair? Well, yes! Watch today’s video to find out what it is.

What’s the Purpose of Despair?

I advise people to feel their negative emotions, but won’t that just lead to more unwanted manifestations? Shouldn’t we avoid feeling bad at all costs?

If I Feel My Negative Emotions, Won’t I Just Create More Of The Same?

Was it wrong of Facebook to do what they did? I don’t give a damn. This is why you shouldn’t either.

Why I Don’t Care That Facebook Used Us As Lab Animals

How can you use your emotional feedback system when you can’t feel your emotions?

Dear LOA: What If I Have No Emotions?

Do the LOA processes work when you’re well and truly down? Yes, but with some adjustments.

Dear LOA: How Can I Feel Better When Life Has Been Kicking Me In The Teeth?

Another Q&A post! Where does the negative energy go? Can resistance block your manifestations forever? And what’s the difference between thoughts and emotions?

Quick LOA Questions Volume 17 – Negative Energy, Resistance and Thoughts vs. Emotions

How do you stand up to the LOA Nazis who constantly try to censor the words you use, you know, “for your own good…”?

What To Do When An LOA Nazi Tries To Censor You

Releasing Resistance is usually accompanied by some kind of emotional release. Will this happen during an important business meeting?

The Inconvenience of Emotions