Many of us have this feeling that “something” is coming. What is it, and do we need to do anything to prepare?

Are Things Getting Worse, And If So, What Can We Do About It?

Awesome Dude took his dying uncle’s hand and felt something happen. Now he’s sick. Did he take on his uncle’s illness? And if so, what can he do about it?

Did His Dying Uncle Infect Him On His Deathbed?

Is the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” really true? If not, where does this belief come from and what’s the actual story?

Does No Good Deed Really Go Unpunished?

In this edition of the LOA Q&A series, I’ll answer questions about the law of attraction and parenting, empaths and OCD.

Quick Questions About LOA and Manifesting Volume 4

Are you an empath? You’e not alone. There are techniques you can use to protect yourself against the onslaught of others’ energy. The key is in understanding exactly what is happening.

Are You An Empath? Techniques To Help You Live A Normal Life