This reader has gained weight as part of her process of ascension. Why did this happen and can this be avoided?

Why Does Ascension Have To Be So Damn Uncomfortable?

Enlightenment isn’t about never having a negative emotion. You can want to slap people and still find enlightenment. Here’s how.

How To Find Enlightenment Even When You Want to Slap People

In this edition of the LOA Q&A series, I’ll answer questions about the law of attraction and enlightenment, healing and how fasting and colors affect our vibration.

Quick LOA Questions Volume 5 – Enlightenment, Healing, Fasting and Color Therapy

Spiritual people love to judge one another, just like everybody else. And over time, we’ve constructed numerous rules of how enlightened people ought to think and behave. I’ve dug up 3 of these and will do my best to make a case for why you can safely ignore them.

3 Spiritual Rules You Can Ignore

We all seek it. Whether we know it or not, we’re all looking for enlightenment, in our own way.

Finding Enlightenment…Again