If you’re struggling with big life decisions, this short video can help you get the clarity you need.

Should She Go Back to School or Start a Family?

In today’s video, I share 6 LOA strategies that will not only help you survive the holiday season, but actually enjoy it.

6 LOA Holiday Survival Strategies for 2018

What if your goal of abundance is in conflict with your desire to help someone, or with your obligation to take care of someone else? Is there a way to make that choice, and do you even have to? Watch today’s video to find out!

Should You Focus On Your Own Wealth Or Take Care Of Others?

Generally at the end of the year we tend to get together with our loved ones, and it can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be the worst time of the year, because these are the people that push our buttons the way that nobody else can. How do you go about surviving that season and how do you enjoy it?

Surviving the Holidays with LOA

This reader is hurt that her family no longer seem to care after she raised her vibration. What’s happening and does she just have to let them go?

Dear LOA: Do I Have To Let My Family Gravitate Out Of My Reality?

Holiday traditions can be awesome. Or Horrible. Never mind when religion gets into the mix…

Surviving Your Family’s Religious Traditions Over The Holidays

Jimmy wants to manifest money so he can help his negative relatives? But will their horrible attitude block his manifestation?

Can His Negative Family Keep Him From Manifesting Money?

This reader’s father in law is dying, and her husband doesn’t want to let him go. Can LOA help?

What Can I Do To Help A Dying Relative?

Do you feel like you’re making less of a contribution to your family than your salary earning partner? Let my ranting convince you to give that crap up!

Dear LOA: I feel Guilty Because My Partner Makes The Money

Thanksgiving is in two days. This year, why not survive it with a smile by using LOA?

An LOA Survival Guide To Thanksgiving And Other Holiday Minefields