If you’ve been looking at the world and wondering how in the hell you’re supposed to keep your vibration up during all this chaos, today’s video is definitely for you.

How to Hold Your Energy During Chaos + Fearing Change

We all LOVE manifestation stories, don’t we? They help us understand and believe that we, too, can truly manifest our reality.

Can LOA Heal Deep Trauma and Wounds? (Client Story)

What if a fear is so great that it becomes completely debilitating? What about phobias? How do these develop and can we release them using this kind of energy work? Today’s video is dedicated to answering these questions.

Releasing Phobias with LOA

Racism and prejudice have seemingly been on the rise lately. But, are thing REALLY getting worse, and is there an energy based solution to this issue?

How We Can Overcome Prejudice

Interview with Claudia and Tony Scimeca – covering several subjects.

Overcoming Fear and Suffering (Podcast)

After all the strides we’ve made as women, is feeling unsafe still even a thing? Why are we so threatened by the proverbial schlong and/or whom it’s attached to?

Is The World Unsafe For Women?

I recently had the opportunity to explore creationism with a very open minded soul who did not believe in evolution. Here’s that conversation.

My Conversation With A Creationist

Most people freak out when stuff starts to actually manifest. Why is that and how can you stay calm instead?

How to Stop Freaking Out About Change

A reader asks if phobias can be cleared. She has heard of exposure therapy, but that doesn’t seem to be aligned with what she knows about LOA.

Healing Phobias with the Law of Attraction

This client nearly missed out on meeting her Mr. Dreamy because of this belief. Are you doing the same?

Are You Too Afraid Of Your Awesomeness To Take Advantage Of It?