You get what you focus on. So, by focusing on your worst fear, you’re going to manifest it, or other experiences that feel just like it. Period. So stop adding to the economic crisis, already! Here’s how:

Economic Crisis? What Economic Crisis? Part 1

When we sense danger, how do we know if it’s one of our beliefs going awry, or if our intuition is telling us to get the hell out? Should you ignore the fear and push through, or honor it and run away?

When You Sense Danger: Is It Intuition or Prejudice?

We’ve all heard it: “Be careful what you wish for!” It seems harmless, but this little myth is actually at the heart of a rather pervasive fear that keeps people from living the lives they truly want.

Be Careful What You Wish For! And Other Fairytales

You have written your affirmations, created your visualizations, and meditated. Then…BAM! It happens. You get everything you’ve ever wanted. Now what?!?

Now What?!? (What to Do When You Get Everything You Want)

Just mentioning the word confrontation is enough to make a lot of people break out in a sweat. Why is that? Find out where this fear comes from and how to successfully confront people in a way that leave both parties in a better feeling place.

Grow A Pair! Overcoming Your Fear of Confrontation

I was having tea with a friend today, who’s in the process of starting an exciting new business she’s really passionate about. During a discussion about marketing, customer acquisition and business models, we also talked about some old fears which were rearing their ugly heads. She’s entering into a higher risk situation (starting a business

The Value of Having a Plan B