I advise people to feel their negative emotions, but won’t that just lead to more unwanted manifestations? Shouldn’t we avoid feeling bad at all costs?

If I Feel My Negative Emotions, Won’t I Just Create More Of The Same?

An actor wants to know why he hasn’t gotten any gigs even though he’s been visualizing success. What’s going wrong?

Can I Use LOA To Get Acting Jobs?

Even if completely ignoring our pain causes it to diminish or even go away, is it really possible to completely ignore our physical suffering? Yes. Yes it is. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s totally doable.

Do This One Thing To Stop Your Suffering Right Now

The Secret got a lot of people interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction. Because the movie’s aim was to appeal to as large an audience as possible, it kind of had to keep “the secret” a secret. I have no such restriction.

The Secret Behind “The Secret” – How We Manifest Reality

In this Law of Attraction work, we talk a lot about focus. But what if you’re having trouble focusing? Here are some tips to help you strengthen those wimpy focusing muscles.

How to Focus

Now, tons has been written about meditation and visualization (including by me), but I haven’t seen anyone really explore how TV shows can affect us energetically except to demonize them. We can use select and deliberately chosen television shows and movies for energetic training purposes as well as entertainment. Here’s how:

Using TV Shows to Stabilize Your Vibration