What, exactly, is forgiveness, and how can we forgive ourselves? In today’s video, I break down the mechanics of self-forgiveness.

Do You Need to Forgive Yourself?

Can’t get over your childhood trauma? Here’s how to stop letting your past define you!

How To Get Over Your Crappy Childhood

If we create our own realities, even if someone has hurt us, are we then saying it’s ok to hurt others? Does the one who hurt us carry none of the responsibility?

Does the Law of Attraction Give People Permission To Hurt Others?

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How To Forgive Yourself

It doesn’t matter if the offense was large or small – the concept is the same whether we’re talking about a broken heart or a stolen parking space. When you hold on to the anger, when you get stuck in blaming the other person and refuse to move on, you are hurting no one but yourself.

How to Forgive and Why it’s Important That You Do So