Are you lonely? Want to know what to do about it? This video is for you!

How To Overcome Loneliness Using LOA

Why is this reader so drawn to gay men, and is this a problem?

Dear LOA: Are My Friendships With Gay Men Blocking My Relationship Chances?

So, you’ve raising your vibration and suddenly you have no more friends. What gives?

Will Becoming Enlightened Cause Me To Lose All My Friends?

What do you do when someone you know is hurting and you can’t walk away? Can you help them, if so, how can you do that without sacrificing yourself?

How Can I Help My Depressed and Struggling Friend?

Can you help a friend who’s unhappy find happiness? What if you’ve been trying but it hasn’t worked you just seem to be pissing them off? What are you doing wrong?

Dear LOA: How Can I Make My Miserable Friend Happy?

A good friend of mine, let’s call him Ryan, has a bit of an issue. Or rather, many of his friends have a bit of an issue with him.

You’ve Disappointed Me! (Great Expectations)

A few weeks ago, I wrote a Blog post about Being Authentic. I received a few emails and a comment asking me to give some examples demonstrating exactly what someone would say in a truly authentic conversation.

An Authentic Conversation