What, exactly, is forgiveness, and how can we forgive ourselves? In today’s video, I break down the mechanics of self-forgiveness.

Do You Need to Forgive Yourself?

If we are responsible for everything in our reality, and if other people are equally responsible for their experiences, then can we ever really diminish anyone? And if we can’t, is there ever really a need to apologize?

Is There Ever A Need To Apologize?

Do you wish you could go back to old relationships knowing what you know now? Do you think you’d have made it work?

Do You Wish You’d Have Known Then What You Know Now?

Is giving till it hurts really better than giving without pain? Is self-sacrifice helpful or could it actually be detrimental?

Does True Charity Have To Involve Sacrifice?

Do you feel like you’re making less of a contribution to your family than your salary earning partner? Let my ranting convince you to give that crap up!

Dear LOA: I feel Guilty Because My Partner Makes The Money

A reader asks: “If you have something you regret a whole lot, is there a way to find the vibration of the option you wish you had taken?”

Releasing Regret – Can We Change The Past?

What kind of person doesn’t feel guilty about their past “mistakes”? Me. That’s who. And in today’s blog post, I hope to pass that point of view on to you.

How To Let Go Of Guilt

Aren’t we supposed to feel bad for those who are less fortunate? Isn’t NOT feeling bad the same as abandoning them? No. And No. Feeling guilty about having more money doesn’t actually help those who have less than you. In fact, it can keep you from manifesting what you want. Here’s why:

Do You Feel Guilty About Having More Money Than Others? Part 2

In this case study, I’ll take you inside a coaching session with a client who connected with and released the pain he’d always felt around having been adopted. You’ll witness the evolution through these complex emotions from both his perspective and mine.

The Painful Flipside Of Being Adopted – Case Study